Medical Device Product Line

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Cervical Interbody System

The Addivation Cedical Cervical Interbody System (CIS) is a series of porous titanium interbody fusion cages intended for use in the cervical spine. The cage consist of an open window for bone craft containment and has serrations on the superior and interior surfaces of the cage for fixation. The cage is offered in a variation of footprints, heights and lordotic angles to adapt varying patient anatomies.

GAIA Lumbar Family

The Addivation Medical GAIA family of PLIF, TPLIF and ALIF Interbody Systems is intended for use in lumbar fusion procedures. The implants are manufactured on additive manufacturing systems using ultra-fine powdered titanium alloy with extra low interstitials (Ti6-Al-4V-ELI) to produce precise rectangular-shaped interbody fusion devices designed for bone in-growth and biological fixation.